Royal Zara Dress

6:24 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

Recycling fashion isn't always about taking clothing and cutting up, it's also about the rebirth of outdated items! In this case my bag is the recycled piece, I found it about 3 years ago while volunteering at a Habitat For Humanity store for $2! I love how classic it is, am I the only one who finds vintage items and just imagines all of the cool places it was worn back in the day? Maybe it's just me lol ;)

My dress is one of my favorite items in my closet, I also have one in black, it's from Zara! I'm a sucker for clothes and accessories you can just throw on and still look fashionable! My necklace from Hope's is also one of those go-to accessories you can just add to many outfits! My friend Kelsey did my makeup, she's amazing!

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