She's Girly & Edgy

11:14 AM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

Here's my second outfit from my collab with Hope's! All but my skirt are from! My skirt is from the Bethany Mota + Aeropostale collection, she's a true Vlogger inspiration! I describe my style as Girly and Egdy, I feel like this outfit displays that perfectly. Unfortunately my top, necklace, nor shoes are online yet but they will be very soon! This is my first time having a pastel nail, they are growing on me! I also used the OPI matte topcoat to switch things up.

As our suprise we will be giving away a Hope's giftcard for use in store or online!  All you have to do is scroll to the very bottom of my blog and click "Join This Site" and you be automatically entered!

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