Afrocentric Hardware Clutch by Mel C

10:23 AM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

If you follow me on IG you've probably already seen this amazing clutch with an outfit.  You know how you kinda like your outfit at home then you go somewhere and hate it? Well that's what happened to me with that outfit I posted with it lol. This clutch is worthy of the cutest outfits so when this one came together I was in love! People are saying natural hair is a "trend" even if it is a bandwagon trend I LOVE it! I love seeing more peoplw rock their hair chemical free, it's unique and uplifting in my eyes; and that's what Mel C. captures and caters to in all of her PRIDEFUL art work.

I put a little color in my hair too!

Check out more bags and dope art work by my amazing friend Mel via Hardware Clutch by Mel C.

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