Recycled Edgy Denim Skirt

1:50 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

One of the reasons I'm so intrigued by fashion is because it's always changing, always evolving, and always returning a trend. Some trend you love to see go, others you hate to see leave. Denim skirts was one of the trend I absolutely hated to see go but as I told myself 8 years ago, it will be back. As of Spring 2014 it is back and I'm loving every bit of it. Denim skirts are popping up in all urban stores and boutiques and as usual they are hard to find for under $50. I decided to play up my old flame by visiting a second hand store to find a vintage denim skirt and recycle it into a current trend. I found my photographed skirt  for $3 at a place called Desret in the LA Industrial district, they had quite a few styles so I bought 3, denim skirts are back my loves! I'm a happy girl :)

Top- Aeropostale | Skirt- Thirfted |
 Chain- LA Dashion Dist | Purse- Thrifted |
 Shoes- Lola Shoetique

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