Blogging My Dreams + "The She Skirt"

11:38 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

I found it extremely fitting to wear my "Blog You Dreams" shirt with my new design for my upcoming collection. Lately I just DO NOT like clothes or if I do there is something on the clothing that completely throws it off. One of my biggest issues is loving a pair of bottoms but they ride up or fit my hips but not my waist, I refuse to go any longer or let my followers go on with this issue! My skirt is my first design I'm launching, I can't wait to share the rest :)

My biggest motivation and aspiration in life is to be my own boss and wake up everyday happy to work. I'm on the road to that dream, I'm blogging my dreams and I can't wait to see them come true!

I'm getting my first pattern and sample made for my skirt this week, I'm so excited :)

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