Leopard Blazer + Edgy Bralette

10:52 AM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

I noticed my blog was missing a little print lately so I pulled one of my favorite blazers out of retirement! I wanted to keep it simple yet edgy with everything else, my top (not really sure how to categorize it) I bought as a top and have been wearing it was a swimsuit top, but today I wanted to recycle into my OOTD as an edgy bralette! Add gold and black accessories with a bright blue wall and WHALA!

New announcement and addition to my online store: When it launches it won't only be my custom designed clothing but also hand-picked curated clothes chosen by me ((As well as recycled and vintage))! EEeeek! I'm so excited! I wish I could give you a launch date but I don't have one just yet! It could by one week but it may end up being two! I'll keep yall posted :) xoxo

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