The Cut Life + Furry Clutch

11:24 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

The only time of year you will see me wearing pink or having pink nails is in October. The pink symbolizes the ribbon of breast cancer, and we wear it to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Before you get caught up in the color, remember the cause, the facts, and to self examine yourself and/or get a mammogram by your doctor! Save the tata's! ♡
I pulled out my favorite t-shirt from The Cut Life to blog im yesterday, I thought it only be right to pair it with my Signature Skirt from my upcoming collection. I also decided to leak a new bag print and size from my collection, featuring a faux gray fur and a pink zipper! I'm not the only one supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, @TheCutLife is too! Buy my shirt on their site with a limited edition pink text!

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