Camouflage Clutch + Emerald Pants

5:40 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

To say emerald is my favorite color right now would def be an understatement, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The color is rich and royal-feeling! I could walk away from them when I spotted them a local second hand shop last week. I tailored the straight leg bottom to a skinny fit, and I'll probably end up sewing the pockets closed because they can be a bit bulky looking. Only $5, so worth it! You'll be seeing these more as the season goes.

I'm the type to get a sudden urge to order something then remember it's SUPER expensive...soooo obviously I recycle fashion. I've been wanting a camouflage clutch for quite some time now but all of the ones I find that I like are out of my budget. So I decided to buy a few blank clutches and paint them! Here's the orange bag, I also made one in green! Order yours via She The Collection!

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