Gray Turtleneck + Blue Faux Fur Bag

11:02 AM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

Twice a year I have the pleasure of putting my recycling fashion skills to my highest test, I get to make costumes for children's plays! This year we are doing the Aristocats, and OMG did time go by fast this year, we've been having dress rehearsals this week and our first show is Friday! Not to mention designing, blogging, and shipping orders all together! Whew! But as the saying goes, do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life; that's absolutely how I'm feeling! My henna is fading, I'm getting better at it though!

Anywhoooooo onto the outfit deets! My fabulous bag is of course from my new line She The Collection, it's my newest and most favorite design! My top I found last week at Forever 21 for $10, Skirt H&M $10, cardigan Santee Alley $15, and my shoes were $80 from a random boutique in Miami!

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