Pizza Tee & Long Cardigan

6:49 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

My motto for the year of 2015 is "When all else fails...EAT PIZZA! It's literally the best thing you can do! When everything is going wrong it's damn near guaranteed that pizza will go right! Okay that's all, I could seriously talk about pizza all day. 

I never thought I'd like long cardigans like so but after receiving a sweet package from Undressed Boutik I was made myself step out of my typical boundaries, it's been five days and this cardi has not come off. 

Top & Necklace: Aeropostale | Cardigan: Undressed Boutik | Pants: Santee Alley | Boots: Olympic & Maple | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Clutch: She The Collection 

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