Three Floor Coat + DIY Painted Heels

7:08 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

Coat: Pale Violet | Tank & Pants: H&M | Clutch: She The Collection | Shoes: LA Fashion Dist (Paint Angelus Neon Yellow

DO YOU SEE THIS COAT? *Kanye voice* It's 40% off at it also has a super dope cobalt blue vegan fur collar that I decided not to wear. My favorite part of this outfit is the shoes of course! I bought them  for $20 a year ago and have worn them twice, I loved them but I felt like the pale pink color wasn't really me because I don't wear many neutrals, so Sunday I got a little crafty and painted them them with my Angelus leather paint, I'm sure I'll wear them at least once a week now :)

The bag is one a limited exclusive my collection, click HERE to shop :)

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