The Container Yard + VNTGPOP

12:19 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

A few months back I stumbled upon The Container Yard while blogging around the perimeter of it when one of the graffiti artists invited me and a friend inside! The outside is dope but the inside is amazing! They've recently remodeled and they literally host some of the dopest events!

Why is it called "The Container Yard"? Well it's a huge warehouse with a yard of containers! These containers are like those metal storage bins on the back of 18-wheelers. One of the featured containers is a shop called VNTGPOP which also happens to carry my collection! I'm pretty picky about who I allow to carry the collection but after visiting the shop I didn't even have to think twice. All items (excluding my shoes) can be found in shop or online! I'll upload better photos of the container next week!

Art by: Vyalone

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