Best. Tank. Ever

3:43 PM Carmen Alexandra 0 Comments

I'm the type that can't really half ass something, I do it with all my heart or not at all. So I designed and had this tank made about two months ago, three samples and bad product shots later it just wasn't right and I didn't LOVE it. So randomly as I was gearing up for my last pop-up shop I ended up wearing the shirt while I ran errands, numerous complements later I realize, "Hey, it's a cute top, it's still hot as balls outside, why don't I produce it?" I swear it's always the most simple stuff people love but that's me too! So my "I just threw this shirt on because I need to do laundry shirt" is newest to my collection! Shop Burgundy - Taupe - White online HERE
Top: She | Shorts: H&M | Necklace: H&M | Clutch: She | Boots: Santee & Olympic DTLA

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