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Hello loves!

I have honestly & truly missed you all as well as blogging, after some time off I've finally figured out the perfect balance between blogging and managing my shop. I'm passionate about both and hated that I ever had to pick between the two. I've only blogged with this blog for a little over a year, when I started it I had no clue it would lead me to building a brand and becoming self employed. It's now time to embark on a new blogging journey, this one will be here to stay, I've named it CAxSHE, the perfect blend of myself and my brand, as well as my very first blog with my current blog. I'm still working out the last minute deets but if everything goes as planned *as it will* it will launch JANUARY 1ST! *excited squeal* Thank you all for the support in the challenging yet amazing journey I have been on over the years, I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be :)

Tunic, Pants, Purse from none other than She The Collection

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